Awakening Self-Love through Ceremony

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 Awakening Self-Love through Ceremony: Online Course on Self-Love & Self-Compassion.  Have you ever wanted to love and connect with others more deeply … but felt that you could use a little help breaking down the “emotional wall” and opening your heart?

With Awakening Self-Love through Ceremony, Hana Laeh invites you to start today from wherever you are, amid any and all of the challenges, frustrations, or fears you may be facing, and to use them as the starting place to awaken the natural and boundless capacity to give and receive love more fully.  

Whether you’re in the midst of a challenging relationship, grief, or simply in need of heart-centered rejuvenation, Awakening Self-Love through Ceremony provides you with the gentle step-by-step instructions needed to awaken the natural goodness within you.

5 Modules over 5 Weeks

Each week, you will receive the course content for that module, practices for the week, and a self-care ceremony. This is done intentionally.  Taking the time and learning to understand the process is an essential part of cultivating self-love.
Every module builds on the last leading up to the Self-Love ceremony.

Live Zoom Call

Anytime during your journey, you can schedule one free coaching call. We can introduce ourselves, set intentions, learn from each other, and you can get any questions answered live.

Facebook Group

The Facebook group is a great way to get to know everyone on the Self-Love journey! We will have the opportunity to learn a lot from each other and receive support from each other.

Life Time Access

This is a journey with an amazing group of women of all ages from around the world.  And don’t worry if you need more time to move from module to module. You will have lifetime access to the material, therefore you can choose to take the course at your own pace.

Section 1Course Introduction & Getting Started
Lecture 1Course Introduction
Lecture 2What is Self-Love?
Lecture 3Rituals, Rites and Ceremonies
Lecture 4Sacred Spaces
Lecture 5Heartfelt Commitment Ceremony
Section 2Self-Love in the Morning
Lecture 6Waking Up in Love
Lecture 7Starting Your Day with Gratitude
Lecture 8The Power of Intentions
Lecture 9Morning Self-Love Meditation
Lecture 10The Five Tibetan Rites
Lecture 11Gayantri Mantra
Lecture 12Cold Water Blessings
Lecture 13Abhyanga (Oil Self-Massage)
Lecture 14Self-Love Mirror Practice
Lecture 15Morning Self-Love Ceremony
Section 3Daily Cultivating of Self-Love
Lecture 16Gratitude & Forgiveness through the Day
Lecture 17BE HERE NOW
Lecture 18Breath Awareness (Pranayama)
Lecture 19Inner Body Awareness
Lecture 20Practicing Self-Compassion
Lecture 21Divine Nourishment & Self-Soothing
Lecture 22Random Acts of Kindness
Lecture 23Ho'oponopono
Lecture 24Grounding and Tree Hugging
Lecture 25Hand Baptism Ceremony
Section 4Self-Love in the Evening
Lecture 26Gratitude Evening Journal
Lecture 27Intimate and Sensual Self-Love Rituals
Lecture 28Making a Dedication
Lecture 29Evening Meditation
Lecture 30Flower Bath Ceremony
Section 5Self-Love Wedding Ceremony
Lecture 31Creating from Your Heart Center
Lecture 32Preparing for the Special Day
Lecture 33Writing Your Vows
Lecture 34The Wedding Day Ceremony!
Lecture 35Library of FREE Resources

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